Fantasy Football Essentials

The very biggest of welcomes to to all fantasy football enthusiasts. The idea and inspiration behind this site was to collect and gather, all in one place, the most relevant information pertaining to FPL, to help improve your fantasy premier league experience. Here you will find in-depth data driven articles, along with statistics and some useful tools to hopefully help bolster the premier league ranking of all the serious players out there.

Yes, the serious players. The very serious players. They are out there and they know who they are. I'm talking about the players who check their teams ten times a day, for no particular reason. The players who fly into a frenzy when their captain that week gets injured in the first 15 minutes, and their significant others look at them like they need immediate psycho-analysis. The players who mull over transfer decisions like they were buying these assets with their own hard earned cash. This site is for all of you - constant fantasy footballists.

The site is user friendly, easy to navigate, and is not bogged down with information overload, which some fantasy football sites out there seem to be. It's my firm belief that too much information leads to confusion in decision making. The mind simply becomes overwhelmed. So this site keeps it simple. I also wanted to make the site engaging and interactive, so there are tools available to utilise at your discretion.

And finally, please do leave any feedback you may have regarding any aspect or feature of the site in the comment boxes you will find in the Blog section. Your insight, and indeed any constructive criticisms that you may have, are most welcome. All serious comments will be taken on board, with the hope of ever improving the site.

Thanks for your time, enjoy the site, and as always: "May all your arrows be green."