Fantasy Football Essentials

Value For Money Tool

Below is a very useful "Value For Money" tool that will allow you to decide just how much bang you are getting for your buck. The tool uses 3 variables from a player's previous season's stats (minutes played, points scored, & player value) to calculate a players "points per 90 mins (pp90)" and "points per £million (ppm)", which in turn are combined to calculate a VFM figure. Simply fill in the 3 data fields, hit submit, and the page will return a rating figure. The higher the rating figure, the more value for money the player in question is. Last seasons stats are your starting point, but they can be combined with this season's stats if you wish. This would be optimal as the more data the better. However, the tool is optimised for up to a full season (3420 mins). So you must adjust the player's price up depending on how many extra minutes you are adding on top of a full season. For example; if you want to add an extra 5 games worth of minutes on then you would adjust the player's price up by 38/5 or 7.4 i.e divide the player's price by 7.4 and add it on, and use the resulting figure as the player's price for the calculation.

The results are broken down into 5 categories:

  1. Below 25: No Real Value Or Expected Value For Money
  2. 25 - 30: Good Value For Money
  3. 30 - 35: Excellent Value For Money
  4. 35 - 40: Exceptional Value For Money
  5. Over 40: MVP

Players with a rating of over 40 will be few and far between, and being an MVP, you really should get him.

This tool can be most useful when compiling that start of season draft or wildcard later in the season. Whatever you utilise it for, I hope it helps with the improvement of your team.

* Please note that this calculation requires a sufficient amount of game time in order to be accurate. 60% of a season or approximately 2000 mins is deemed sufficient.

Enter the player's total minutes played:
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