GW05 Review With GW06 Thoughts

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW05 315
Average Weekly Points 63.00
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 442K
Free Transfers Available This Week 1

UPDATE: Transfers made - VVD and Davis to Kane(C) & Lamptey

Here's the points from GW05:

GW05 score image

So 74 points scored for a GW rank of 1.5m, which is generally not so good, but an official rank rise of 180k to 442k. That is pretty good. It started off pretty disastrously for me in the Merseyside derby with both VVD and Trent picking up just a solitary point each. To make matters worse, VVD was on the wrong end of a horror tackle by Everton keeper Jordan Pickford, and his season looks to be over after sustaining an ACL injury. That's really bad news for Liverpool, and a minor inconvenience to me as now he must be transferred out. I had no Everton representation this game, and have had none all season in fact. And not jumping on either DCL or Rodriguez has cost me some points this season, and is one of the few mistakes I've made. They look really good under Ancelotti, and the acquisition of Rodriguez looks a real coup on their part. He's looked electric since game one, and a big reason why they currently sit top of the Premier League table.
Not much else to say about Liverpool other than Mane and Salah did the usual and scored, while Trent done nothing again but did look a little livlier. However, it is Robertson who once again caught the eye. Busy all game and another assist notched up. He looks every bit the bargain at £7.1m.

Chelsea up next and last chance saloon for Werner. I stated in last week's article that he had looked poor so far and it was a mistake going with him from the start. But he looked anything but poor in this game against the Saints. Two goals, one assist and 16 points banked. He was much improved and thrived against that Southampton defence. The performance has afforded him a stay of execution for now.

Next up for my team was United maestro, and my captain this week in Bruno Fernandes. He came up trumps on the Captaincy Tool, and so too in the game itself. But it was a roller coaster of a ride to get there. First off he scores a magnificent goal, only to have it chalked off for offside - bloody VAR, that thing is really yanking my chain. This ridiculous drawing of purple lines from player's armpits is eye rolling stuff (that Mane decision was laughable). Anyway, I digress. Bruno's goal was rightfully called offside. Not much else happened in this game until United were awarded a penalty... again. Surely a formality for the never misses Fernandes... No!! Penalty saved, and my captain was now currently returning zero points. I thought that was that then, but United decided to go a bit nuts in the last 7 or 8 minutes and score 3 goals, with Bruno grabbing one of them and an assist to boot. He also secured the 3 bonus points for a 22 captaincy haul. Had to be happy with that considering where it looked to be going.

Nothing returned from McCarthy, St. Maximin, Barnes and Mitchell (although he came agonisingly close to a CS). Son once again hauled, and Kane joined him with a big haul of his own. Those two have looked a partnership made in heaven this season and I fear going without Kane for the next few games. The high volume of captaincies on him this week really hurt my rank, but the situation was salvaged on the Monday night with both Saiss and Jimenez getting a return. It could have been a bit sweeter if Saiss's wonderful strike wasn't ruled out by another one of those silly VAR diagrams.

But 74 points is a good result so I'll take it and move on.

Transfer ideas:

So 1 free transfer, £4.9m in the bank, and a couple of issues with the team, namely in defence. VVD has to go obviously, and Mitchell is most likely going to lose his place now that Van Aanholt is back. This leaves me with just 3 defenders to fill 4 slots, and I have nothing on the bench to replace either defender with. So here are the options I am looking at:

1. VVD to Lamptey or Konsa & St. Maximin to Mane for a -4
2. VVD to Lamptey or Konsa & Davis to Kane for a -4
3. Davis to DCL & VVD to Robertson for a -4
4. VVD to Lamptey or Konsa & Barnes to Salah for a -4
4. Barnes to Mane
5. Davis to DCL

All have their merits. I am more inclined to choose Mane over Salah because of the fact Mane performed better than Salah in home games against the Non Big 6 last season. A glance at the stats page tells me he averaged 8.69 ppg in these type of match-ups to Salah's 8.15 ppg. I can also get to Mane without a minus 4. And with joint bottom club Sheffield United up next at home followed by West Ham at home, he looks a very appealing transfer in.
Another option is Kane who, as I mentioned earlier, has been imperious this season with 5 goals and 7 assists in five games. WOW!! He has 3 very good fixtures upcoming and is becoming dangerously highly owned. And finally, I could also just go for DCL, another player in excellent form and which would allow me to play a 3-4-3 where I could just bench VVD and Mitchell for now and deal with them later, and thus avoid a hit. I don't like the idea of taking a hit for a defender. Robertson, however, may be worth it given his form and the opposition. Having said that, the Barnes to Mane transfer doesn't solve the defensive issues so that option may be ruled out.

It's something I will have to mull over between now and Friday evening. I will post an update here when I finalise my decision, and also tweet it out.

Using the Captaincy Tool, here are the odds of a return for the main candidates (including the potential transfer targets):

Kane: 0.71/1
Mane: 0.71/1
Son: 0.74/1
Bruno: 0.91/1

I have now started to combine this season's stats with last season's, and any of the top 3 on the list look good for the captaincy. I will go with whoever I transfer in of Kane or Mane. And if I just decide to transfer in DCL, then Son will get the armband.

Ok that's it for this article. And don't forget the deadline this week is Friday evening at 6:30pm.

Bye for now.

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