GW05 Review And Thoughts With GW06 Analysis

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW06 368
Average Weekly Points 61.33
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 427K
Free Transfers Available This Week 1

Here's the points from GW06:

GW06 score image

A pretty uneventful GW06, saw the majority of the premium assets fail to get a return. And if it wasn't for a late Son goal, it would have been all bar Mane to get a return. These weeks happen sometimes.

As for how my team went: Well after all the mulling over what transfer(s) to make, as it turned out, the best move for me to make was no move at all. In chess they call that position "zugzwang" - where the best move turns out to be to make no move at all! But, I did move and it was to bring in Kane for Davis and Lamptey for VVD for a -4 point hit. Kane was handed the armband and returned just a solitary assist and Lamptey registered 1 point. But if I had just done nothing and captained Son, I'd have been 11 points better off. Mitchell started for Palace again, and KWP surprisingly kept a clean sheet for the Saints. I won't dwell on it further, it is what it is and we move on.

Not much else happened this game week; Jimenez and Saiss got their ususal return each which is what saved my GW, and VAR only went and outdone itself again by ruling on what has to be the worst decision yet; a farcical penalty awarded to Sheffield United. It was so clearly outside the box that I'm starting to think they are doing this deliberately. Maybe that's just the cynic in me, but I really want VAR to go. Anyway, Mane returned for Liverpool as I expected, but Salah blanking, as the most captained player, was the real winner here. I'm not sure how he managed that however. He could of had a hatrick. A bullet dodged, and one I will have to dodge this weekend again.

That was pretty much it. Not a whole lot to report on for the rest of the games. The United V Chelsea match was a complete borefest, as was the Arsenal V Leicester game. Arsenal are really looking terrible lately.
So 57 points (-4) for 53 and a small green arrow of 15k to 427k. A green is a green I guess. Onto GW07.

I am going to roll over my transfer this GW as I have decided I am going to use my first Wild Card during the International break in preparation for GW09. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. In GW09/10 there are a couple of fixture swings that I would like to take advantage of.
2. Eight games is enough data for me to analyse to decide what players I'd like to go forward with.
3. I can use the break to transfer in the players most likely to rise in price and increase my team value.

I currently have double Wolves and double Spurs in my side. Both those teams see their fixtures turn for the worst in GW08/GW09 whch coincides with great fixture runs for Man Utd, Leicester and in particular Man City, who have an incredible run from GW10 up to GW22. I would like, at the very least, a City double up but most likely a triple up. Having watched them in the Champions League the other night, I believe they are starting to get into gear now.
Liverpool also have a pretty fantastic run from GW09 to GW18. I can't bring in all the players I want, obviously, but the majority of my WC team will be comprised of those 4 clubs.
So this week, as I've stated, I will roll over my transfer to have 2FT's for GW08, where I plan to gamble on a couple of players with a plum fixture. I'm thinking West Ham at home to Fulham, Chelsea home to Sheffield and Southampton home Newcastle. It's a good move to make before you hit the WC button.

Using the Captaincy Tool, here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Bruno: 1.01/1
Kane: 1.03/1
Son: 1.07/1
Jimenez: 1.95/1
Bruno Fernandes is lacking enough data in these type of match-ups for a resonable calculation, so I used all his home game data here. He comes out on top, just about, and a return here against an out of form Arsenal side looks promising. But Kane and Son really have a plum fixture home to Brighton. I will go with one of those two and it will be Kane again. I think Kane and Salah will once again have the majority of captaincies this week.

Ok that's it for this article. And don't forget the deadline once again this week is Friday evening at 6:30pm.

Bye for now.

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