GW07 Review With GW08 Team Selection

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW07 419
Average Weekly Points 59.86
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 523K
Free Transfers Available This Week 2

Here's the points from GW07:

GW07 score image

I must admit I am pretty disappointed with this game week. It got off to the worst possible start with Saiss getting benched for Wolves with them having a very good fixture at home to Palace. I fancied them to keep a clean there and so it proved, only I missed out on the points. Not sure why he was benched as he has been pretty darn good for Wolves so far this season, and the highest scoring defender in FPL. But benched he was and Jimenez blanked to boot. Not the start I wanted.

When the Chelsea team sheet was announced and I saw I had another player benched in Werner, I thought this game week was heading for one of those disaster weeks. You know the ones, where the stars seem to be aligned against you like some cosmic roulette wheel spin that landed on you. But, as it turned out, it just simply hovered over me before passing on. Pulisic injured, presumably in the warm-up, Werner back in. He scored, 7 points returned, wham bam, thank you Mam. Chelsea are finding their stride now and scoring plenty of goals. Acquiring a couple of their assets for the season looks a must I feel.

In the evening kick-off, Liverpool mangaged to concede again and I am really beginning to doubt Trent now. He is simpy not returning, and it may be time to move him on. £7.5m for a defender with just one attacking return in 7 games is a waste of money. I can't believe he can fall this far from the productivity of the last two seasons, but likewise, I can't ignore what is actually happening on the pitch right now.

Villa and Southampton played out a cracker and my double Saints defence went to pot. Those Grealish returns at the end of the game actually really hurt me. He's a player starting to become hard to ignore, and he may well be in my WC team next week.

As for Man United, another goalless bore-fest. I think there is strife arising their now, with talks of Pochettino coming in for Ole, and I may be reluctant to stick with Bruno until all this stabilizes, for all that he is a quality player and made for FPL.

Onto to the Spurs game, and this is where the real disappointment arose. Captain Kane grabs an early goal from the spot for a soft foul. But then Spurs proceeded to sit back and protect the lead, and pretty much done nothing for the rest of the game until Brighton equalized. And that was a much needed Lamptey goal for my team, coming in for the no-show Saiss and re-paying the 4 point hit I took to bring him in last week. Kane later hit the post when scoring looked easier, but to compound the disappointment of just the one Kane return, Bale scores late on, and that meant Kane was knocked from 3 bonus points.... to none!! It also meant Lamptey lost a point for conceding two goals. So that cost me 7 points. Oh how the FPL pendulum swings.

So just Harvey Barnes left then on the Monday, and while he finally got a return for me after 3 straight blanks, I once again felt disappointed it was not more. He scored after 90 seconds, and could of had a hatrick by the 20 minute mark. But it wasn't to be, and I limped to a 51 point game week where the average was 53 points which translated to a 100k red arrow. I'm just not able to find that extra gear right now, and I've been hovering around the 400-500k offical rank mark for the past 4 weeks. But hopefully the WC can provide that kick. But before that, we have GW08 to negotiate.

So 2 free transfers and the WC button being pressed in eager anticipation GW09. That means it's one week gamble time. Here's what I was looking at:

Trent & St. Maximin out for:
A. Chilwell (Che) and Fornals (WHU)
B. Cresswell (WHU) and Ziyech (CHE)
C. Cresswell (WHU) and Zaha (CRY)

Chelsea have a good fixture at home to the goal-shy Sheffiled United. They have kept five clean sheets on the hop now in all competitions and another looks promising. Chilwell looks a threat going forward and has some set-piece duties. I like Reece James too, maybe even more than Chilwell, but he looks more subject to rotation, so I won't risk it.
West Ham have the plum fixture at home to Fulham, and have been playing well this season. Ideally, I would have loved to bring Antonio in for this game, but injury has put the brakes on that option. So for me, Fornals looks the next best attacking choice, and is coming off the back of scoring at Anfield. To be fair, Bowen looks a good pick too and his volumes are bigger. But my choice of the two is Fornals.

My alternative to Chilwell is Cresswell. Again, the plum fixture is the draw where a clean sheet and an attacking return are a very real possibility. I don't want to double up on West Ham in case it all goes wrong for them, so the Fornals and Cresswell combo is off the table. Zaha is the other midfield alternative. He is, admittedly, performing way above what he has ever done before, so I'd expect regression. But like Trent, I can't ignore what is going on on the pitch right now.
But in the end, I plumped for Chilwell and Fornals. They both have the best fixtures on paper and I just have to hope it plays out as such.

Using the Captaincy Tool, here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Bruno: 0.51/1
Son: 0.71/1
Kane: 0.77/1

Bruno Fernandes really is a beast in away games for United. Double figure hauls in both his away games this season so far, and in fact, practically every away game since he joined in January. But given United's current problems, I'm inlcined to swerve him this time in favour of Kane. He has returned in every away game this season, is on pens, pretty much always plays 90 minutes, and he is the clear captain favourite for many this week and I'm not in the mood to take him on. Son looks a good option too, and to be honest, I can see them both return against this poor West Brom team. So here's the line-up:

GW07 score image

The deadline this week is a very strange 4pm of a Friday evening. I will be back next week with an in-depth wilcard article. Also, over the International break, I will be updating the stats page for this season. Eight games is sufficient enough I feel to start making decisions based on them. So please do come back for all that.
Ok that's it for this article.

Bye for now.

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