GW09 Review With GW10 Team Selection

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW09 552
Average Weekly Points 61.33
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 366k
Free Transfers Available This Week 1

Here's the points from GW09:

GW09 Score Image

So 53 points scored and a 117k rank drop to 366k on Wildcard, two points below the average of 55. That can only be described as pretty disastrous for a WC week. I had 3 returners in Chilwell, Fernandes and Calvert-Lewin who are all template. My only differential to return was McCarthy in goal, who although conceded, managed to rack up 8 saves and thus earned the 3 bonus points for 7 points returned. Blanks for my other 2 premiums Vardy and KDB, with further blanks by Grealish, Cancelo, Mings, Bamford and captain for the week - Ziyech. I guess that was the real failure this week in not going for the captain favourite Fernandes. My reasoning was that United had been very poor at home this season, only scoring once in 3 games and that being from the penalty spot. The game panned out exactly as I thought it would with West Brom getting men behind the ball and United struggling to break them down. I felt Chelsea would be much more potent against a poor Newcastle side and so decided that Ziyech, who was in great form, was the better option for captain. Chelsea played okay, scored twice, but Ziyech was not involved in either. It resulted in an 8 point swing with Fernandes scoring his customary penalty and gaining the 3 bonus points to boot. I have learned a lesson here in that I won't be captaining anyone who is not on penalty duties again. Had I captained Fernandes, it would have been 61 points and only a small red arrow if one at all.

I have 1 free transfer this week but I am rolling it over to next week as I am quite happy with the team this week. I have 7 of my starting 11 playing a home tie with the only tough looking one being for my two Chelsea assets of Chilwell and Ziyech. However, I do fancy them to beat Spurs in this game, who will once again be very defensive minded as they were against City the weekend. Vardy is home to Fulham, Bamford has Everton, DCL has Leeds - both playing for teams who don't care much for defending. KDB and Cancelo are at home to Burnley and surely they have to start firing now. Bruno is away, and that pretty much is all that needs to be said about him. But also, Southampton are an attacking side which should play into United's and Fernandes lap. Mings has an away tie too, with Villa yet to concede on the road this season.

So given the fixtures, I really should be having a decent game week. But of course, it doesn't always pan out that way.

Using the Captaincy Tool, and I am now including this years stats, here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Bruno: 0.47/1
DCL: 0.63/1
KDB: 0.64/1
Vardy: 0.78/1

I have already mentioned before how amazing Bruno is on the road in the Premier League. Scores of 17, 11 & 12 in his 3 away games this season says it all. But this game won't be easy. Southampton are a very well drilled side and are conceding the lowest amount of shots in home games of any team in the league. That's impressive. But Southampton will not be sitting back here, they will attack, and that will suit United's counter attacking style.

Calvert-Lewin has been a revelation this season and has returned in every game this season bar one. He is a very viable caption option against a Leeds side who just go gung-ho attacking in every game. However, Calvert-Leiwn is not on penalties and so goes against my new rule of only captaining players who are on them.

KDB is.. well... KDB. A home game against Burnley is his bread and butter. He will surely be cutting their defence open. It is just a matter of whether his team mates can finish off the chances he no doubt will supply. He should still be on pens, but if Aguero starts then there has to be some doubt. I think I will reluctantly avoid for this game.

Finally there is Vardy. A home game against Fulham is probably as good as it gets. He has yet to score from play in a home game this season however and has relied on penalties quite a bit. Fulham will sit deep, but they can't defend at all really. Vardy should be getting plenty of oppurtunities and you have to imgaine he will take one.

So it's between Bruno and Vardy for me. Bruno is currently in sensational form but the Saints won't be easy to break down. They are looking very good defensively and United will find this tough. But I can't get away from the fact that Vardy is playing Fulham at home. It's a potential brace in the waiting so Vardy gets the armband. Here's the line-up then:

GW10 score image

Kilman will be first sub as I fancy Wolves for a clean sheet against a goal shy Arsenal side. Vice captain is Bruno.

Ok that's it for this article.

Bye for now.

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