GW11 Review With GW12 Team Selection

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW11 682
Average Weekly Points 62.00
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 249k
Free Transfers Available This Week 2

Here's the points from GW11:

GW11 Score Image

First off I would like to apologise for there being no team blog post review for GW10, and also no GW11 team selection. I had real life commitments that took up most of my time, which sadly meant no blog post that week. To review GW10 briefly: I scored 58 points which was 14 points above the average and a 100k green arrow, so a decent week.
On to GW11 and as you can see from the image above, I scored a healthy 72 points with an excellent captain return of 28 points thanks to KDB's goal, assist and 3BPS game. Further returns from all three of my strikers Vardy, DCL and Bamford with a goal each. Bruno with an assist in a 45 minute appearence and a much needed Vestegaard goal in the last game of the week which gave me the green arrow, albeit a small one of only 17k. But progress is progress.

Vestegaard only played on my team because of the postponement of the Villa v Newcastle game due to a Covid breakout amongst the Newcastle squad and staff. It meant I had to bench Grealish and Mings. I had no interest in selling either, especially with the prospect of 2 double gameweeks coming up in the near future. The transfer I did make however, was Cancelo to Cresswell. Now that transfer might seem odd given the fixtures of City and West Ham, but Cancelo was dropped the previous week and then played 90 mins in the CL in midweek. A start the weeknd in the PL looked ominous, and I decided I didn't want that uncertainty going forward, so I made the swap. A decision that cost me 5 points in the end, as Cancelo went on to play and keep a clean sheet whilst Cresswell returned 1 point. Having said that, Cresswell looked dangerous and very nearly scored a wonderful free kick only for a magnificent save from Henderson in the United goal. He looks a real threat from set pieces, and given West Ham's run of excellent fixtures now until GW24, I am confident of some returns form him.

Ziyech has picked up an injury and needs to go this week. He has been dissappointing in the three games I had him in my team anyway, so injury or not he was being transferrerd out regardless. I have two free transfers this week and I will be using them both to bring in Salah. That became the plan after viewing both him and Vardy the last couple of games. Vardy was hopeless, as were the entire Leicester team, against Fulham. He didn't look much better against bottom of the table Sheffield, although he did score a very late winner. Salah on the other hand is starting to look very very sharp indeed. I would much rather have him than Vardy right now, even taking into account he is more expensive and Vardy is always capable of scoring even when not at his best. But with a number of good cheap striker options, choosing one to go with Salah looks the prudent move.

My preference is for Antonio of West Ham. He is a strong imposing striker who knows how to score, and links up the play very well. That coupled with the aforementioned fantastic West Ham fixture run, makes him a prime target. But alas, he has a hamstring injury which seems to be giving him some bother. I will avoid but monitor for now. If he gets back to full fitness I will very likely bring him in. I only have about 6.4m to spend, so the other options are Che Adams or Ollie Watkins. Adams looks a decent shout, but he is not on peno's and the immediate fixtures are not great. Watkins on the other hand is on peno's and the next few fixtures are quite good. He did miss a penalty in Villa's last game but I am sure he will stay on them. He was very unlucky that game as he also had a goal ruled out for yet another armpit offside call. He looks dangerous at times so he will be the Salah enabler.

Using the Captaincy Tool (now just using this season's numbers), here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Salah: 0.81/1
KDB: 1.29/1
Bruno: 2.07/1

So an easy decison this week with Salah away to Fulham, and City going to Old Trafford. I expect goals in the Manchester derby, but Liverpool and Salah could run riot against a Fulham side conceding a lot of goals at home this season. Here's the team with the transfers made:

GW12 team image

Mings will be first sub. Vice captain is KDB.

Ok that's it for this article.

Bye for now.

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