GW13 Review With GW14 Team Selection

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW13 786
Average Weekly Points 60.46
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 278k
Free Transfers Available This Week 2

Here's the points from GW13:

GW13 Score Image

So 48 points scored, just six points above the average. I had 6 returners which is usually a good result but in truth it was another uninspiring week, mainly down to my 3 Premium plaers in KDB, Bruno and Salah totalling only 13 points between them. A captain blank in KDB who only scored 4 points against West Brom at home which was very disappointing. But it was not for a lack of trying, he put two balls on a plate for Gundogan first and then Sterling. But both of them headed straight at the keeper from close range. City are very in and out with their performances this season, and I am struggling to make a case for any of their assets representing value.

Players who are continuing to prove great value are Bamford and Calvert-Lewin, who contine to tick along nicely with returns. Chilwell nothced up a return too, so none of those three are going anywhere for now. My other returner was Mings with a CS, but he was very unlucky not to add a goal on top via a headed chance late on in the game from a Grealish cross. That would have turned an average enough week into a good one. But an average week it was with an 18k green arrow to 278k.

On the topic of my rank, I have been stagnating in around the 200k-300k mark for a number of weeks now. My team is quite template but my differentials are not really returning which is the problem. Hopefully that can change as I have been unlucky, the Mings chance representing just one example.

So eyes are now turning to the blank game week scheduled for GW18 and the doube game week scheduled for GW19. My plan is to use my FH chip for GW18 and my Bench Boost chip for GW19. This means I need to bolster my bench up to reglar starters who have two games in GW19, which requires funds as I only have £0.2m in the bank. To achieve this I have transferred out KDB for Son. This ove doesn't excite me all that much but Son is returning constantly and frees up £2.1m which gives me enough to make some decent moves. The firt of which is to upgrade Kilman to Reece James, which I have also done this week. Cresswell wil be benched this week for James which gives me double Chelsea defence for this week, which I like.

Using the Captaincy Tool (now using this season's numbers), here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Salah: 0.95/1
Bruno: 0.97/1
Son: 1.95/1

It's close between Salah and Bruno, but I am going for Bruno against a very open Leeds side. There are also whisperings of Salah being benched this week which edges it towards Bruno too:

GW13 team image

Bissouma will be first sub this week. Vice captain is Son.

Ok, that's it for this article.

Good Luck and bye for now.

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