GW14-GW17 Review

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW17 1030
Average Weekly Points 60.59
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 191k
Free Transfers Available This Week 1

Update: Free Hit has been activated for GW18. The team is below:

GW18 Free Hit image

Apologies for the lack of any blog posts over the Xmas period. I was preoccupied with family commitments and engagements, which due to Covid, feel extra important this year, which is a good thing I guess. So here are the point returns for the four game weeks I missed:

GW14: 80 points
GW15: 56 points
GW16: 43 points
GW17: 65 points

So one very good week, and one not so good week, with a couple of average weeks thrown in. I must point out that although GW16 was a low scoring week for me, it was a low scoring week in general and I was still 7 points above the average. I climbed over 77k in rank over the four weeks and am closing in on the top 100k. In truth it was average scoring over this period, and I feel my team is a bit too template currently. It is hard to make any significant gains when your team is very similar too the majority of players around you.

However, there is a BGW coming up next in GW18, followed by a DGW in GW19. This means oppurtunity. The plan was to use the FH chip in GW18 followed by the BB chip in GW19, and I had been building towards that. However, the addition of an extra fixture (Burnley v Man United) to the BGW has presented an oppurtunity to forego using the FH chip in GW18, as I can get 8 players out that week or 9 players for a 4 point hit. So let's take a look at my current team:

GW18 team image

As you can see, I have 2 defenders, 3 midfielders and two strikers available. The plan would be to switch Salah to KDB and Button to De Gea. This then would just leave me without a third striker and a defender for the week. It also means I get a second keeper in for the BB in GW19, giving me a full bench of DGW players, provided of course that James is fit to play that week. He may not, and another hit may be required. But I think that is fair compensation for keeping the FH chip intact for later in the season. I have a very strong midfield with two decent striker options, although I must admit I have run out of patience with Watkins and cannot wait to dump him, but he stays for now. Surely he has to score at some stage?? Cancelo at the back provides City defensive coverage, which will be popular amongst the free hitters.

Using the Captaincy Tool (now using this season's numbers), here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Bruno: 0.41/1
Son: 0.62/1
KDB: 1.14/1

Bruno continues to be a juggernaut away from home for Manchester United. And with Liverpool dropping numerous points over the Xmas period, this is United's chance to go top of the table with an equal amount of games played. They, and Fernandes, will be very focussed on winning this game. So the armband goes to Bruno.

I have no subs this week so will have to hope I don't need them. Vice captain is Son.

Covid and or injuries may well put a spanner in this plan, and it could be that I end up Free Hitting. I will post an update here if that is the case.

But anyway, that's it for this article.

Good Luck and bye for now.

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