GW05 Team Selection With Thoughts And Analysis

Here's Fantasy Football Essentials Admin & author Ian Synnott with a look ahead to GW05.
Hello to everyone. This website is finally gone live. It was a labour of love preparing it, and the short turnover between seasons this year led to the delay in the site being published. But it's here now and I hope you find it useful. There will be numerous articles posted here in the "Blog" section and I will start off with this look at GW05:

Season Progression
Current Points Up To GW04 241
Average Weekly Points 60.25
Seasonal Average Weekly Target 63.50
Official Rank 623K
Free Transfers Available This Week 1

The image below is my current team heading into GW05:

GW5 Team Photo

As you can see, I have two flagged players heading into this game week in St. Maximin and Kevin De Bruyne. With KDB being officially ruled out by Pep, then the transfer this week will be KDB to Son. Son was in my team until the news of an injury going into last week forced my hand, and I transfered him out for Harvey Barnes. Needless to say that didn't go well, and I was gutted to see Rodriguez of Everton return 18 points as he was my alternative to Barnes. I wanted to hold onto Son until at least GW08, so he's back in now.

I'm not taking a -4 point hit to remove St. Maximin so he stays. I think I am going to keep him in any case as he was excellent the last day, and is a cheap enabler.
Werner is the only thorn in my side right now. In truth he has been poor, and in hindsight was a bad choice given the amount of cheaper alternatives. His high ownership and perfomances in Germany last season swayed me. But I will rectify the situation next week, where he will most likely make way for the in-form Calvert Lewin.

Next week I am also looking to bring in either Salah or Mane for Fernandes before getting KDB back the following week. Looking at the FDR schedule for GW06 - GW11, Liverpool and Man City alternate their games between home and away i.e when one is home, the other is away, which makes for nice alternaing captaincies if I so choose. I am happy enough with the rest of the team for now, with the WC still tucked away for later.

Using the Captaincy Tool, here are the odds of a return for the main candidates:

Fernandes: 0.54/1
Son: 0.87/1
Trent: 1.04/1
Jimenez: 1.34/1

Werner is not an option right now given his form. Bruno comes out well on top here, albeit from a small sample size of games to go on from last season. Son in second place. It's between the two for me and I will go with Fernandes. West Ham have looked solid at the back thus far, and Spurs not so good at home, although they have been merciless in both their away games this season scoring 11 goals. I expect a response from United following their drubbing last week and Bruno is at the heart of everything United do it seems.

So that's it for this week. Here's hoping for a green arrow after 3 consecutive red arrows.

Bye for now.

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