Value For Money - An Analysis Of The Season So Far:

We are only 5 games into to the new season, but I thought I would take a look at a selection of players who are currently doing well in FPL, and see which are offering the best value for money. The players have been divided up into their respective positions. I have ignored GK's for this analysis.

Stats and figures from last season were combined with the player's numbers from this season, which in theory would give a clearer result. Those figures were then punched into the VFM Tool. Any player whose combined minutes totalled more than a full season's worth (3420 mins), had their price adjusted up accordingly. So for example, had a player's total minutes across this season and last season totalled 3600 and he cost £8m, then I would divide that 3600 by 3420, which equals 1.05. I would then simply multiply his price by that figure: 8m x 1.05 = £8.42m, and then used that new figure as the price for the VFM calculation. This must be done to keep the calculation accurate.

Player VFM
Robertson (Liv) 33.11
Saiss (Wol) 29.58
Chilwell (Che) 28.44
Keane (Eve) 27.76
Digne (Eve) 27.51
Mings (Avl) 26.38
Cresswell (Whu) 24.65
Konsa (Avl) 23.70

Player VFM
Son (Tot) 31.56
Salah (Liv) 30.44
Grealish (Avl) 29.41
Mane (Liv) 28.50
Jorginho (Che) 27.95
Sterling (Mci) 27.01
McGinn (Avl) 23.92
Zaha (Cry) 23.48

Player VFM
Ings (Sou) 33.28
Vardy (Lei) 30.88
Maupay (Bri) 29.62
Jimenez (Wol) 29.08
Richarlison (Eve) 28.54
Wilson (New) 27.46
Calvert-Lewin (Eve) 26.93
Kane (Tot) 26.65


First let's take the VFM scale from the VFM tool page:
25-30: Good Value For Money
30-35: Excellent Value For Money
35-40: Exceptional Value For Money

So we can see that no player we evaluated here is currently offering exceptional VFM.

Five players are offering excellent value for money:

  1. D. Ings (33.28)
  2. A. Robertson (33.10)
  3. HM Son (31.56)
  4. J. Vardy (30.88)
  5. M. Salah (30.44)

Notable mentions are: Saiss (29.58), Grealish (29.41), Maupay (29.62) & Jimenez (29.08). All of these came very close to offering excellent value for money.

All the rest are offering good value for money bar Cresswell, Zaha, & McGinn.

It might suprise some people to find Harry Kane so low down on the list. But this season he is currently performing at a level we have not seen from him for some time now. If he keeps it up for the season, he will without a doubt offer serious value for money at his current price of 10.8m, and on the stats page I did calculate an Improvement Rating of 25.97% on top of his 158 points from last season, which would bring him over 200 points for this season. A tally he is well on course for.

So back to the list:

Danny Ings comes out on top here which is very interesting. At 31 points scored, he is only the 7th highest scoring forward and 14th in the overall standings. But he is continuing on where he left off last season... namely scoring goals and picking up bonus points when he does. And his stats suggest that he is well on target to achieving his total points from last season of 198. At only 18% ownership, he is looks a great differential. The other four on the list have looked very promising this season, particularly Heung Min Son. But it should be noted that he is currently averaging 11.6 points per game, which is clearly not sustainable. But even at a 30% or even 40% drop off, he would represent one of the best value for money players in the game.

So in conclusion: Although this is far from being an exact science, the five players highlighted here look to represent fantastic value for money. And it is my recommendation that you should give serious consideration to all five on the list, with Danny Ings looking the best differential choice in the game.

So that's it for this article. Thanks for reading & don't forget to leave a comment below.

Bye for now.

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